Infotech Group of Education (IGE)

Who we are?


nfotech Group of Education (IGE) was established in the year 2010 with the objective of providing modern education with special emphasis on information technology through advanced learning techniques. We with our team of advanced institutes from country, our hardcore professionals and with over one million man hours of experience, offers the most comprehensive range of Information Technology & many more programs for the students.
Also providing Vocational Education or Vocational Education and Training (VET), also called Career and Technical Education (CTE), prepares learners for jobs that are in manual or practical activities, traditionally non-academic and totally related to a specific trade, occupation or vocation, hence the term, in which the learner participates, it is sometimes referred to as technical education, as the learner directly develops expertise in a particular group of techniques or technology.

Our Vision


o be globally recognized training provider under the name head Aashakiran-The center for quality enhancement program that produces best in class IT Professionals.

Our Mission


he mission is to provide our students with the knowledge & latest skills. Institute aims to provide the society with attributes, networks & the global capabilities required for leadership & successes in demanding careers in the global economy.

Aims & Objectives

  • To open institutions all over India which provide the society with attributes, networks and the global capabilities required for leadership & success in demanding careers in the global economy.
  • To create awareness among the youth and policy makers of the country about the potential of Information Technology for sustainable development with a focus on all regions of the country.
  • To offer comprehensive and challenging advanced course in Information Technology which is able to attract most brilliant and talented young students to achieve high standards of academic excellence, creativity and professional competence.
  • To Promote creativity, capability and competence among students to make them first-rate professionals in Information Technology.
  • To provide ample opportunity both to students and faculty to meet outside the institute to update their knowledge about the latest advances in the field of Information Technology and share their achievements with the society;
  • To develop and promote national and international, linkages by way of partnership in teaching and research.
  • To provide a stimulating intellectual environment by holding seminars, peer lectures and national and international conferences/workshops round the year;
  • To develop the Institute as a trend-setter in areas crucial both for industry and research. To have an effective Institute and industry interaction;
  • To impart theoretical and practical training in major areas on Information Technology.
  • To provide a platform for furthering IT based courses and research in other disciplines being offered by the University with a view to promoting interdisciplinary research and teaching.
  • To carry out advanced research in the field of IT

Our Education System

The methodology of instruction in this organization is different from others traditional organization. Our organization’s system is more learner-oriented, so much so, the candidate has to be invariably an active participant in the teaching learning process. The organization follows a multi-channel approach for instruction suitably comprising of the following.

  • Study Material for all subjects, which are supplied in the form of PDF files (Soft Copy).
  • Theory & Practical session will be held at study centers, to suit the convenience of candidates.
  • Assignments for assessments, evaluation and feedback of comprehension of study material.
  • Project work to enable the candidate to gain an insight into independent working on a practical project.

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