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All Courses of Infotech Career

Diploma in Customer Relationship Management

Certificate in Programming Technique with Java & Advanced Java

Certificate in Programmming Technique With ASP.NET

Diploma in Programming Technique With VB.NET

Certificate in Programming Tehcnique With PHP MY SQL

Computer Assembling & Troubleshooting - CATS

Certificate in Programming Techniques With C & C++

Certificate in Programming Techniques (CPT)

Certificate in Account Professional - CAP

Certificate in Computer Operator - CCO

Certificate in Computer Hardware & Maintenance - DCHM

Certificate Computer Professional - CCP

Certificate Computer Application - CCA

Master Diploma in Information Technology - MDIT

Diploma in Computer Hardware & Maintenance - DCHM

Diploma in Information Technology - DIT

Diploma in Computer Application - DCA

Advanced Diploma in Information Technology - ADIT

Advanced Diploma in Computer Application - ADCA

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